Is Your Nervous System exhausted?

The nervous system is responsible for controlling movement, digestion, temperature regulation, memory, breathing, and sensory to name a short list.  Nervous system dysfunction can occur as a result of a trauma, compression of a nerve, side effects to medication, lack of sleep, vitamin and mineral deficiency. Not to mention the effect emotional stress can have. 


There are many ways you can reduce stress and put your nervous system in a more balanced state. Over the next few months we will go through examples of these. Check out one of my favorite acupressure techniques to reduce stress. 

Dr. Russo's Top Ten List to balance the nervous system

1.  Qi Gong & Acupressure

2.  Tai Qi & Yoga

3.  Magnesium

4.  Essential Fatty Acids

5.  Nervous System focused exercise

6.  Language Skills 

7.  Herbal medicine

8.  Sleep

9.  Acupuncture

10. Cupping