True healing is a holistic effort - a journey of self-discovery.
Let’s embark on that journey together.

Dr. Fred Russo represents an unprecedented marriage of Eastern and Western medicines. Specializing in holistic approaches to human health, his methods of treatment focus on awakening latent powers of self-healing, effecting marked moves toward improved health, happiness, and overall vitality.

Using mindful combinations of acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy, lifestyle counseling, Tai Chi, and breathing exercises to help his patients heal, Dr. Fred Russo sees each patient as a fully unique case, allowing him to chart a defined course carefully suited to address each individual’s specific needs.

Dr. Fred Russo invites you to embark on a journey - a holistic journey - a journey quite unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. He invites you to join him in uncovering the body’s astonishing ability to heal itself when properly supported. He invites you to actively reclaim your natural state of total health.