Dr Fred Russo, DAOM, EAMP, Dip. OM Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor in Seattle, WA

Dr Fred Russo, DAOM, EAMP, Dip. OM
Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor in Seattle, WA

Dr. Fred Russo has merged decades of personal experience with centuries of medical knowledge and a keen intuition to develop a practice that focuses on activating the healing power inherent within each of us.

Using approaches as modern as they are ancient, Dr. Russo considers every patient a fully unique case. This allows him to chart a defined course carefully suited to address each individual’s specific needs.

With years of experience treating acute and chronic conditions, emotional and psychological imbalances, and even survivors of cancer, Dr. Fred Russo presents integrative solutions that are at once direct, effective, and practical.

Specializing in holistic and evidence-based approaches to supporting general health and wellness, Dr. Russo provides his patients with all the tools they need to reclaim a natural state of happiness, health, and overall vitality. 

Even at a very young age, Dr. Fred Russo was led by an intuitive leaning toward spirituality and the subtler realms of energetic healing and holistic health. His family was not unfamiliar with this, and made a point of supporting his natural talents and interest in these areas.

The young Dr. Russo began to train in various forms of martial arts. His interest was piqued by the ancient cultures of China and their philosophies. Before long, he was actively engaging with and expanding on that same energetic awareness he had known as a child.

After being introduced to acupuncture and Chinese medicine shortly after college, Dr. Russo recounts experiencing a certain settled sense of “knowing” - that gut level recognition of something as familiar, or important. This recognition would lead him on the journey of a lifetime.

Practically ravenous to learn and to expand his level of self-awareness and body-awareness, Dr. Russo pursued a fascinating course of self-development and self-education. Before long, this deep-seated curiosity had evolved into a definite life path - a sincere passion that sticks with him to this day.